About Us

Manufacturing Division for the Telecom and Electronics Industry

Today, JDV Products is looked upon as an expert in manufacturing wire-wrapping tools based on our 25+ years of experience. We provide high-quality tools to the Telecom, Electronic, and Assembly Industries.

JDV Products is known for high quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery, manufacturing experience, and our ability to come up with new design innovations to help reduce ergonomic health issues.

As you can see...
"JDV is your connecting solution for all your telecom & electronic needs."

Distribution Division with Vessel Co.

JDV Products Inc. is the exclusive North American Distributor for Vessel Co., Inc. from Japan. Vessel Co. is a manufacturer well known for their high quality tool making as well as for their ergonomic tool designs.

We carry all of Vessel products including Air Nippers and Blades, Static Erasers, Hand and Air Power Tools, Industrial Bits and Disassembly Tools used in the plastic, electronics, assembly, disassembly, and construction industries.

Degating tools for the Plastics Industry.
We offer more than 30 different air nipper models and over 300 standard and special blades, which makes JDV one of the largest and most unique suppliers of degating cutters and tools in the world. In addition, we provide special and custom turnkey degating fixtures which are used within the Plastics Industry sector for the automotive, medical, electronic, and consumer markets. We have the capability to design and make end-of-arm tooling for any application.

No job is too big or small...
"Tell us the problem... We offer the solution."

Acquisition of Standard Pneumatic

JDV Products Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Standard Pneumatic & Electronic Tool Company from the Hamilton Group.
JDV Products Inc. will be handling the sale of all new products, warranties, and repairs for all Standard Pneumatic items including wire wrapping tools, pneumatic screwdrivers and nut runners, torque tools, along with additional accessory items.

Eva Dvorak, President of JDV, released the following statement:
"The purchase of Standard Pneumatic greatly enhances JDV's position as an industry leader in the Telecom and Electronic markets due to their thirty-years of tool making excellence, innovative products, and outstanding service. It will surely compliment JDV's current specialty of manufacturing wire wrapping tools, expertise in pneumatic and cutting tools, as well as adding to JDV's high quality manufacturing capabilities and processes."