CR2000 ReelSaver

Cost Effective
The CR2000 is your economical solution! No more disposal fees and packaging waste. MInimize loss due to inaccurate measurement of remaining wire quantity. Save on storage and transportation cost by using a standard coil of wire and maximize cube efficiency.

Improve Safety
Eliminates twisted wires for on-site working technicians. The CR2000 is made of durable plastic, is compact, and lightweight. The units are designed to stack on top of one another for safe and easy storage during transportation.

Easy to operate, reload, and install a new wire coil in seconds.

Standard Wire
Any wire can be used if the coil fits the CR2000's hub diameters (4-7/8" or (3-3/4"). See chart below for details.

Fiber Optic Cable
Please call JDV for details on how the CR2000 can be used for fiber optic cable.

CR2000 Specifications
Virtually any type of wire is compatible if it can be coiled to these dimensions:
Outside Diameter: Max 10-3/4" (273mm)
Inside Diameter: Min 4-7/8" (124mm), Max 5" (127mm)
Width: Between 5-15/16" to 6-3/8" (151mm to 162mm)

The CR2000 includes:
Wire dispenser box with lid
Plastic reel
Brake device

CR2000 ReelSaver - Plastic wire storage won't fall apart like cardboard boxes

CR2000 Loading Procedure
CR2000 ReelSaver CR2000 ReelSaver CR2000 ReelSaver
4-7/8" (124mm)
3-3/4" (95.3mm)